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    Samantha Karlin is the founder of Empower Global, a gender and social impact consultancy. She specializes in women’s empowerment, diversity and inclusion, public speaking, and community building. She regularly consults organizations on how to better recruit, retain, and empower women and minorities, and speaks globally on the topic. She also holds leadership workshops with both women and men, and helps companies to integrate social impact into their business models.

    Ms. Karlin speaks at universities, companies, and associations about issues relating to social impact, women's rights, social innovation, and creativity.

    Her academic background focused on foreign policy, diplomacy, and gender analysis, and she has worked on two presidential campaigns.


    She is also a freelance writer who has been published in the Washington Post, Time Out NY, the Seattle Times, Conscious Company Magazine, Women 2.0, and beyond.


    Ms. Karlin trained as an opera singer. She is a coloratura soprano who has performed for thousands of people on stages from Prague to Rome.

    Ms.Karlin is also the volunteer director of the Canavan Research Foundation, which works to cure pediatric genetic brain diseases.


  • Education 

    Master of Arts, Law and Diplomacy

    Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

    MALD (2014-2016)

    Global Gender Analysis, Conflict Resolution, US Foreign Policy

  • "If you want to be a woman in power, then empower other women." - Nina Shaw


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